Upper body lift

Procedure times
The procedure usually takes between 2-3, and you can return to work within 2 weeks.
Upper body lift
An upper body lift removes loose skin folds and excess fat from the lateral chest and back. This improves the contour of the thoracic region; an area that does not benefit from a lower body lift. Weight loss patients with loose skin folds affecting the lateral chest and mid-back areas will benefit most from this body contouring procedure.
After the procedure
There will be 2-3 weeks of recovery time. Postoperative scar care is provided by Dr. Watts and her team to ensure you have the best aesthetic result.
Possible complications
Possible complications include scarring, asymmetry, recurrence, changes in nipple sensation, nipple necrosis, and reduction in ability to breastfeed. These will be discussed in depth by Dr. Watts during your consultation.

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